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The Public Humanities Graduate Research Workshop is a year-long program supporting graduate students interested in the public humanities. Through this workshop, we explore what constitutes publicly-engaged scholarship while developing more grounded communication, translational, and professional skills that can help participants pursue a diverse set of careers in and beyond the university.

Following an application process, student participants meet twice a quarter in workshop and are also given support and training to produce their own public humanities projects. `

2020-2021 Participants

Andrea Adomako • African American Studies           

Brandon Alston • Sociology    

Vidura Bahadur • Rhetoric and Public Culture

Anisha Bhat • History 

Karlia Brown • Sociology       

Carmen Crusoe • African American Studies

Felipe Costa Neves • Spanish and Portuguese Studies           

Holly Dayton • History

Maria De Simone • Theatre and Drama          

Laura Ferdinand • Theatre and Drama

Matthew Foreman • History

Gabriela Garcia • Rhetoric and Public Culture           

Christa Kuntzelman • Political Science          

Stephanie Lee • Art History

Isaac Ginsberg Miller • African American Studies

Michell Miller • Performance Studies

justin moore • Performance Studies    

Hafsa Oubou • Anthropology   

Mary Robbett • History           

Charlotte Rosen • History

Christopher Russell • Screen Cultures

Katherine Scharfenberg • English       

Aaron Schoenfeldt • Anthropology     

Jennifer Smart • Screen Cultures        

Mikala Stokes • History          

Tamara Tasevska • French      

Angela Tate • History 

Weston Twardowski • Theatre and Drama

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