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Professionalization Resources

Career Exploration and Professional Development Resources

These are resources available through Northwestern Career Advancement (NCA) for graduate students looking to explore potential careers or gain skills beyond those offered by their programs.

NCA also provides access to career exploration websites like:

Professional Organizations

Multiple professional organizations in the humanities and social sciences have pages dedicated to career diversity. They range in what they can offer for non-members and those outside of the discipline. What is listed here is a small sample—check out your own professional organizations to see if they offer any career diversity services!

American Anthropological Association

Leading U.S. organization for anthropologists; their website includes a career center for links to interviews with anthropologists working in a wide range of fields.

American Historical Association

Leading U.S. organization for historians; has  a specific section on Career Diversity for Historians including resources for both graduate students and faculty.

Modern Language Association

Leading U.S. organization for literary scholars; their website has a specific section on Career Resources, including an issue of Profession, their career journal, on the public humanities.

American Political Science Association

Major political science association in the U.S.; has a career center for political scientists, including specifics on applied careers for the field.

American Studies Association

The organization of American Studies, the ASA has career resources and advice for applicants and academic departments.

National and University Public Humanities Organizations

Beyond career development at Northwestern and with professional organizations, public humanities organizations across the United States demonstrate the variety of options available to graduate students interested in the public humanities.

National Humanities Alliance (NHA)/Humanities for All

National organization for humanities work across the U.S. This article about different types of publicly engaged scholarship on the Humanities for All site, which is an offshoot of NHA, is particularly interesting.

University of Wisconsin Center for the Humanities

University of Wisconsin at Madison’s Center for the Humanities shares multiple public humanities resources, including several examples of public engagement for students/by grad students.

University of Washington Walter Chapin Simpson Center for the Humanities

University of Washington’s Walter Chapin Simpson Center for the Humanities compiles multiple resources, including scholarship about the public humanities and thoughts on reimagining the PhD to include public scholarship.

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