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Affiliate Program (2011-2017)

Faculty, Graduate Student, and Undergraduate Affiliates in the Kaplan Institute Affiliate Program (2011-2017) received research funds and professional development opportunities. They also participated in cross-disciplinary discussion and collaboration with Institute Fellows, visiting scholars, and artists in residence in events throughout the academic year.

2016-2017 Kaplan Institute Affiliates

headshot of Josh Honn

Josh Honn - Library Affiliate

Josh Honn is Digital Humanities Librarian at Northwestern University Library where he consults and collaborates with faculty and students on digital research, teaching, and publishing projects in the humanities. He is also particularly interested in (digital) culture, pedagogy, archives, curation, ethics, access, poetry, and activism.


headshot of Pascale Carrel

Pascale Carrel - Undergraduate Affiliate

Pascale Carrel (sophomore) is a pre-med English major from Greenwich, CT. She completed the Kaplan Humanities Scholars Program as a freshman, and loves how the humanities develop thinking and analytical skills that can be applied to any field, including medicine and the sciences. Pascale enjoys practicing her violin, staying active in her sorority, and planning and participating in Dance Marathon. She is also happy to lend a hand at any Kaplan-related event.

headshot of Talia Waxman

Talia Waxman - Undergraduate Affiliate

Talia Waxman (sophomore) is a Kaplan Scholar from Connecticut. She is an Anthropology major and Global Health minor. Outside of class, Talia is involved with Peer Health Exchange, Sustained Dialogue, Hillel, and student theater.



headshot of Zain Mohammad Shaikh

Zain Mohammad Shaikh - Undergraduate Affiliate

Zain Mohammad Shaikh (sophomore) was born in Karachi, Pakistan, but feels just at home in Chicago where he has spent most of his life. A Kaplan Scholar, he is on the pre-med track, pursuing a double major in Economics and Psychology and a humanities minor. He is involved in the Muslim Culture Students Association, Alpha Phi Omega fraternity, and Phi Delta Epsilon fraternity and loves to volunteer, play basketball, and go cycling.


Faculty Affiliates

Laura Brueck
Associate Professor, Department of Asian Languages and Cultures
Project: Vernacular Mysteries: Detective Novels in Modern India

Corey Byrnes
Assistant Professor, Department of Asian Languages and Cultures
Project: How to Make a Chinese Landscape: Rendering the Three Gorges Across 3,000 Years

Shaundra Myers
Assistant Professor, Department of English
Project: Worlds Beyond Brown: Black Travel and the Remapping of Racial Integration

Miriam Petty
Assistant Professor, Department of Radio/Television/Film
Project: Stealing the Show: African American Performers and Audiences in 1930s Hollywood

Claudia Swan
Associate Professor, Department of Art History
Project: "Rarities of These Lands:" Encounters with the Exotic in the Dutch Republic

Graduate Affiliates

Cheryl Berriman
Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures
Project: Outfitted for Modernity: Misplaced Fashion in Russian Modernist Literature

Giuseppe Cumella
Department of Political Science
Project: Aristotle on Happiness and Political Activity

Kara Johnson
Department of English
Project: Writing Work: Narratives of American Literary Production

Ruth Martin Curry
Program in Comparative Literary Studies
Project: Heroes of Speech: Plato and the Novel

Benjamin Robinson
Program in Comparative Literary Studies
Project: Bureaucratic Fanatics

Undergraduate Affiliates

Steven Bennett (Junior)
Major: Philosophy

Ashley (Hui) Guo (Sophomore)
Major: Mathematics

Naomi Johnson (Junior; Ohio)
Major: History

Ryan Masson (Junior)
Major: Computer Science

Julia Shizuyo Popham (Sophomore)
Major: Violin Performance

Emmanuel Rockwell
Majors: Integrated Science and Mathematics

Kenni Zellner (Senior)
Majors: Philosophy and Legal Studies


Faculty Affiliates
Kathleen Belew (Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of History)
John Alba Cutler (Assistant Professor, Department of English)
Katherine Hoffman (Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology)
Sylvester Johnson (Associate Professor, Department of African American Studies and Department fo Religious Studies)
Anna M. Parkinson (Assistant Professor, Department of German)
Mary Weismantel (Department of Anthropology and Gender and Sexuality Studies Program)
Keith Woodhouse (Assistant Professor, Department of History)

Graduate Affiliates Gent Carrabregu (Department of Political Science)
Rebecca L. Fall (Department of English)
Laura Lodewyck (Department of Theatre)
Robert Mills (Department of Rhetoric and Public Culture)
Ira Murfin (Department of Theatre)
Ariel Schwartz (Department of Religious Studies)

Undergraduate Affiliate
Gustavo Berrizbeitia (Department of Political Science and Philosophy)
Caroline Brown (Department of English Literature)
Amina Dreessen (Department of Middle Eastern Languages and Civilizations)
Ben Levey (Undeclared)
Gina Livecchi (Neurobiology and Psychology)
Elizabeth Meehan (Political Science)
Chelsey Moler (English Literature and International Studies)
Asli Salihoglu (Economics and International Studies) 


Faculty Affiliates
Nick Davis (Associate Professor, Department of English)
Hannah J. Feldman (Associate Professor, Department of Art History)
Beth Lew-Williams (Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of History, and Asian American Studies Program)
Nasrin Qader (Associate Professor, Department of French and Italian)
Emily Rohrbach (Assistant Professor, Department of English)

Graduate Affiliates
David Calder (Department of Theatre and Drama)
Zachary Campbell (Screen Culture Program; Department of Radio, TV & Film)
Meghan Daly (Department of English)
Katie Hartsock (Program in Comparative Literary Studies; Department of Classics; Department of English)
Kareem Khubchandani (Performance Studies)
Raashi Rastogi (Department of English)

Undergraduate Affiliates
Mary Bradford (Sophomore)
Susie Neilson (Junior)
Mark Silberg (Senior)
Larry Svabek (Junior)
Amy Zhou (Senior)


Faculty Affiliates
Mike Amezuca (Mellow Postdoc, History and Latina/o Studies)
Justin Joyce (Postdoc, The Graduate School)
Hamid Naficy (Professor, RTVF)
Firat Oruc (Mellon Postdoc, Comparative Literary Studies; English)
Dassia Posner (Assistant Professor, Theatre)

Graduate Affiliates
Genevieve Amaral (Comparative Literary Studies and French)
Elizabeth Benjamin (Art History)
Matthew Cressler (Religious Studies)
James Daniel Elam (Rhetoric and Public Culture)
Jasmine Mahmoud (Performance Studies)
Christopher Shirley (English and Gender Studies)

Undergraduate Affiliates
Jessica Bickel-Barlow (Sophomore)
Caroline Dean (Junior)
Elise Graham (Senior)
Sophia Lipov (Junior)


Faculty Affiliates
Catherine Belling (Assistant Professor, Medical Humanities & Bioethics)
Hannah Feldman (Assistant Professor, Art History)
Mary Finn (Associate Dear for Undergraduate Academic Affairs; English)
Kinohi Nisikawa (Visiting Professor, African American Studies)
Alessia Ricciardi (Associate Professor, French and Italian)
Rachel Riedl (Assistant Professor, Political Science)

Graduate Affiliates
Taka Daitoku (History)
Connor Doak (Slavic)
Kim Singletary (Rhetoric and Public Culture)
Kati Sweaney (Theatre and Drama)
Winter Jade Werner (English)