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Kaplan Scholars Courses

The Kaplan Humanities Scholars Program is an exciting and intensive two-course program for first-year Weinberg College students, dedicated to the idea that the liberal arts form the cornerstone of university education as well as of civic responsibility. The program is a series of team-taught lecture and first-year seminar courses that take up a broad humanistic theme from multiple perspectives, traversing the boundaries of academic disciplines as well as those of geography, culture, and historical periods.

How it works

During fall quarter, Kaplan Scholars meet four days a week in two paired courses: 1) a lecture course that is team-taught on Mondays and Wednesdays by two professors from different disciplines, and 2) a linked first-year seminar that meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays with one of the team professors and one-half of that section of Kaplan Scholars. Students in the Kaplan Scholars program thus receive a total of two course credits (for two courses in the fall) in their first year at Northwestern.

A note about course placement:

As part of their application to the Kaplan Humanities Scholars Program, students will indicate their ranked choices for the three courses being offered in Fall 2022:

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