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The Odyssey Project

The Kaplan Institute is proud to be a long-term partner with the Odyssey Project, a free, 32-week, college-credit granting humanities program for income-eligible adults with limited to no access to higher education, sponsored by Illinois Humanities. The program is offered in the Chicago neighborhoods of Albany Park, Greater Grand Crossing, and Cicero (taught in Spanish), as well as in Urbana-Champaign. 

The Odyssey Project provides an interdisciplinary introduction to the humanities through the study of philosophy, art history, literature, U.S. history, and critical thinking and writing. In addition to work in the classroom, students also have the opportunity to see plays, visit museums, and attend public lectures.

Upon successfully completing this first-year course, students earn six units of college credits in the Humanities from Bard College. They then have the opportunity to take additional courses through the Odyssey Project.

Over the last several years, Northwestern graduate students have taught courses, and also volunteered as workshop leaders, in the Odyssey Project.

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