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Undergraduate Prizes

The Kaplan Institute's Annual Humanities Prize Competition!

The Kaplan Humanities Institute annually awards prizes for the most outstanding essays, research papers, and/or projects produced in courses sponsored by the Institute. We encourage students from every department and school within Northwestern to compete.

A student may submit any paper, essay, or project produced within a course sponsored or co-listed in the Humanities Institute from spring 2020, fall 2020, or winter 2021. Submissions will be judged anonymously by a committee within the Institute.


May 3, 2021 (Monday)


Please contact Tom Burke at

Submission instructions
Please prepare PDF files in advance of proceeding to the application portal (link below). All required fields must be filled in before you click on the Submit Application button. The system will not accept incomplete applications, and partial applications cannot be saved and resumed at a later time.
  1. In the application portal, please complete OFFICIAL CONTACT INFORMATION and ACADEMIC INFORMATION sections. For Highest Degree Granting Institution, please put "Northwestern University." For Highest Degree Type, please select "Other."
  2. APPLICATION DOCUMENTS SECTION. Please upload the following application documents (PDFs) in the application portal. Documents may not exceed 8MB in size. File names should contain only letters, numerals, underscores, and hyphens (no parentheses, quotation marks, etc.).
    1. Cover letter — Upload a cover sheet with: 1) your name, 2) school, 3) class year, 4) major/minor, 5) phone, 6) email, 7) the title of your paper or project, 8) name of the course, and 9) the instructor's name
    2. Paper or Project — In the field labeled Additional Materials, upload the paper or project you have chosen to submit for the contest. All comments by instructors should be removed, or the content retyped. A legible scan is acceptable; handwritten work is not acceptable. NOTE: If the project is too large to upload (over 8MB) or is a website or other online exhibit, please provide a link to the project within a PDF document, and include any password needed to gain access to the project.
Application Portal

Please upload your submission to this portal no later than May 3, 2021:


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