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Undergraduate Prizes

The Kaplan Institute's Annual Humanities Prize Competition!

The Kaplan Humanities Institute annually awards prizes for the most outstanding essays, research papers, and/or projects produced in courses sponsored by the Institute. We encourage students from every department and school within Northwestern to compete.

Congratulations to this year's prize winners!

2019-2020 Winners

For HUM-sponsored or co-listed courses from spring 2019 – winter 2020

Dolores Kohl Kaplan Project Prize
Alec Abramson — "The Conrad Hilton Hotel Chicago"
For Ancient Rome in Chicago (HUM 325) • Instructor: Francesca Tataranni

Morris Kaplan Project Prize
Kendra Gujral, Matt Lenz, Lexi Schiff, and Samantha Waitkus (Group project) — "Korean Shakespeare: Localization to Globalization"
For Shakespeare: Global, Local, Digital (HUM 325) • Instructors: Wendy Wall and Susie Phillips

Dolores Kohl Kaplan Writing Prize
Meghan Clare Considine — "Blessed Blessed Oblivion or, to be a Man in Contemporary Silwan"
For Contemporary Middle Eastern Performance (HUM 370) • Instructor: Shayna Silverstein

Morris Kaplan Writing Prize
Lauren Katz — "A More Than Double Life"
For Shakespeare: Global, Local, Digital (HUM 325) • Instructors: Wendy Wall and Susie Phillips

Alice Berline Kaplan Writing Prize
Dorothy Gaeng — "Community and Resistance in Cabrini Green"
For Race and the American Midwest (HUM 371) • Instructor: Doug Kiel

Jean Gimbel Lane Writing Prize
Margaret Young — "Rape Trauma Syndrome and the Pathologization of Sexual Assault"
For Race/Gender/Sex and Science (HUM 370) • Instructor: Stephen Epstein

Kaplan Humanities Scholars Prizes
Fall 2019 - Empire • Instructors: Adia Benton, Daniel Immerwahr, and Jules Law

Neel Shah — "Hind Swaraj and Essentialist Nationalism"

Angelina Jaglinski — "Soundscape in The Battle of Algiers"

Winter 2020 - Drugs: Culture, History, Politics • Instructors: Ana Arjona, Lina Britto, and Mark Hauser

Flora Tian — "The Opium Empire: The Rise of Colonial Opium Monopoly Systems"

Laura Isabel Sastoque Pabón — "Drugs and Immigration—Is the Colombian Rural Population Condemned?"

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