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Apply for an Institute Fellowship


*With two external (non-Northwestern) reference letters due no later than 2/5/20

Online Application Instructions

1. Please prepare PDF files and determine two references (for a description of what files are needed, see below). Only then should you proceed to the online application portal (link below). All required fields must be filled in before you click on the "Submit Application" button. The system will not accept incomplete applications.

2. In the application portal, please complete official contact information and academic information sections.

List of References Section

3. You will list two external (outside of Northwestern) referees, along with their email addresses. After you submit your complete online application, your references will automatically be emailed instructions for uploading a letter of recommendation. NOTE: If you are using a professional placement or dossier service (e.g., interfolio) to submit any or all recommendations, please use the service's address instead of your referee's address in the appropriate space.

Important: To give your recommenders advance notice to prepare their letters, please note that Letters of Reference are due no later than February 5, 2020 — two days after the application submission date.

Application Documents Section

4. Please upload the following application documents (PDFs) in the application portal. No document may exceed 1M in size. File names should not contain parentheses, quotation marks, or other such characters:

Chair/Dean Approval

5. To indicate the approval of your Department Chair (and Dean, when applicable), please forward your email correspondence signaling the approval, or request the Chair/Dean to email their approval directly, to


Please contact Tom Burke at

Fellowship award decisions will be made in March 2020. Please let the Kaplan Institute know immediately if you receive an award from another source.

Online Application Portal

Please click the link below to submit your application materials for the Kaplan Faculty Fellowship.



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