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Jenny Polak

Jean Gimbel Lane Artist in Residence, Fall 2012

Jenny Polak is an artist making site-specific installation, sculpture, drawings and web projects. Polak comes from England and family histories of hiding and migration are behind her preoccupation with arrival and departure, and illegal assistance of undocumented and stateless people.


Open Studio: Commemoration: a Prison Unbuilt

December 4th, 2013
Jenny Polak's residency project brings to light the unexpected transformation of the scornful term 'nimby' (not in my backyard,) seen in the recent events in Crete, IL, where local residents and immigrant activists fought to block the building of a new private detention center by Corrections Corporation of America.

Wednesday at the Block

Block Museum of Art
October 24, 2012
(N)IMBY: A Lecture by Kaplan Institute Artist in Residence Jenny Polak

Artist in Residence Lunch Colloquium

October 17, 2012