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Kaplan Conversations

Ninety minutes of interdisciplinary discussion of research by Kaplan Institute associates.

Kaplan Conversations are held on Wednesdays, 12 noon - 1:30 pm CST. If you are interested in attending a Kaplan Conversation lunch seminar, please email us.

2023-2024 Kaplan Conversations

Fall 2023

Wednesday, Oct. 4 Welcome KC

Wednesday, Oct. 18 Brannon Ingram (Associate Professor, Department of Religious Studies)
Debating 'Religion' in Muslim South Asia: On the Colonial Pathways of a Modern Category

Wednesday, Nov. 8 katrina quisumbing king (Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology) 
Fit to Rule: The Rise of U.S. Empire and the Racial Management of Filipinos, 1898-1946

Wednesday, Nov. 29 Bruce Carruthers (John D. MacArthur Professor, Department of Sociology) Bringing the Future into the Present: How to Act in the Long Term

Winter 2024

Wednesday, Jan. 17 Megan Hyska (Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy) Machines in the Agora: Artificial Intelligence and Political Communication

Wednesday, Jan. 31 Nicole Spigner (Assistant Professor, Department of Black Studies and Department of English) Niobe Redux: Black New Women, Literature, & Transformation

Wednesday, Feb. 21 Jen Young (Metadata Coordinator, Repository and Digital Curation, Northwestern University Libraries) The Other Side of the Picture: John Evans, Edward S. Curtis, and The North American Indian

Wednesday, February 28 Sarah Jacoby (Associate Professor, Department of Religious Studies; Charles Deering McCormick Professor of Teaching Excellence) Translating the Autobiography of Sera Khandro

Spring 2023

Wednesday, April 3 
Corey Barnes (Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy) Race’s Shadowy Subjects: Conceptions of Race in Early Black Political Thought

Wednesday, April 17 
Kalyan Nadiminti (Assistant Professor, Department of English) Unendurable Freedom: US Empire, 9/11, and the Fate of the Postcolonial

Wednesday, May 1 
Lakshmi Padmanabhan (Assistant Professor, Department of Radio/TV/Film; Affiliate Faculty: Program in Documentary Media, Department of Performance Studies, and Department of Asian Languages and Cultures) Untimely Images


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