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Franke Graduate Application

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Mon., February 12, 2024 (11:59 pm)
*With recommendation letter due the following day

Franke Graduate Fellowship for 2024-2025

In partnership with The Graduate School, the Kaplan Institute offers Franke Graduate Fellowships for the most accomplished doctoral students in the humanities during their fourth or fifth year of study. (NOTE: In order to address Covid disruptions, sixth years will also be eligible). Franke Graduate Fellows pursue independent research within a vibrant interdisciplinary collective, which includes multilayered structured conversations among faculty, graduate students, undergraduates, internationally renowned visiting scholars, and distinguished visiting artists.  

Franke Graduate Fellowship highlights:

For the full academic year, Franke Graduate Fellows participate in Institute activities, including weekly lunch seminars, a dissertation working group, and the annual Future Directions Forum where they present their projects to Institute members. For fall and winter terms, Franke Graduate Fellows are granted time to cultivate their dissertation research. They also receive interdisciplinary mentoring about how to shape a dynamic course for undergraduates. In spring quarter, each Fellow offers—in their home department—the course that they have developed during their residency.


Franke Graduate Fellowships include two quarters of full paid tuition, a monthly stipend, and $2,000 in research funds. Recipients of the fellowship have the possibility to extend their funding package (the option to "bank" their TGS funding for two quarters to be used in spring and summer of their sixth year).


To be eligible for a Franke Graduate Fellowship, you must:

Students receiving graduate assistance must adhere to the regulations governing recipients of University assistance.

Selection criteria

Applications will be judged on their scholarly merit—the originality, quality, clarity, and importance of the proposed research project—as well as the applicant’s ability to contribute productively to an interdisciplinary group.     

Application instructions
Application materials
Letter of recommendation

Your application must include a letter of recommendation from your dissertation chair or committee member that comments on your ability to contribute to an interdisciplinary program. Recommendations are due one business day after the application submission date. We suggest that you give your recommender advance notice so they can prepare to submit their letter by this date. In the application portal, you will submit the name of your recommender, along with their email address. After you submit your complete online application, this person will be emailed instructions for uploading their letter.

Submitting your application

Please complete the form fields and submit your complete application materials to this link:


Please contact Jill Mannor at