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Chicago Humanities Festival

Chicago Humanities Festival
September - November 2020

The Kaplan Humanities Institute is a longstanding partner of the Chicago Humanities Festival (CHF), which presents talks and events with scholars, artists, activists, journalists, and leaders from politics, science, and beyond.

The CHF Fall 2020 program series theme is VISION.

What does it mean to have "vision"—for oneself, a country, the world, or the future in general? How do people come together around a shared vision and when or why do we diverge? What limits us in imagining alternatives to our current realities - or envisioning the possibility of change? Over the course of the year CHF will seek out contemporary and historic visions and visionaries operating in multiple spheres to understand how are they challenging us to see this world—or the next one—differently.


All programs will be presented digitally/livestreamed to home screens.
Event schedule and tickets:

Note: Speakers will continue to be announced as the season unfolds.
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