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Apply for a Co-Sponsorship

The Kaplan Institute aims to support new humanities conversations on campus, and we invite Northwestern faculty and graduate students to apply for funding for humanities-related programming that benefits the Northwestern community. 

Applications will be reviewed once per quarter. Deadlines for 2023-2024 are:
Criteria for Kaplan co-sponsorship

We are interested in supporting proposals that engage participants from different spheres (i.e., students and faculty; multiple departments and disciplines). We are also interested in 1) interdisciplinary events that would likely not receive enough funding in a single department or program; or 2) very high-impact disciplinary events that will strengthen the humanities in general.

NOTE: Co-sponsorship funding is awarded by Kaplan to the grantee's home department or program via chartstring; Kaplan does not manage administration or payments for co-sponsored events.

Timing your funding application

Funding decisions are generally provided within three weeks of the application deadline; thus, depending on the timing of your event, you may be able to apply for funding within the same quarter in which the event is scheduled. Otherwise, submitting your proposal a quarter or two in advance is an appropriate timeframe. For events that occur in early fall quarter, you are encouraged to apply for co-sponsorship in spring quarter of the previous year.


We have limited funds available for humanities events spearheaded by undergraduate students who are affiliated with the Kaplan Humanities Institute. Please contact Jill Mannor if you are an affiliated undergraduate interested in applying for event co-sponsorship.

Application instructions

To apply for Kaplan co-sponsorship, please prepare the items listed below into a single document:

Please send the completed application document to Jill Mannor, Communications Coordinator (