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The 2023-2024 Humanities Dialogue


A year-long conversation that mobilizes humanities research to question, understand, and reimagine sovereignties—bodily, artistic, intellectual, geopolitical—and their global histories, contemporary challenges, and possible futures

This Dialogue series seeks to examine Sovereignties in many dimensions. Restrictions on bodily autonomy—from borders to identity to reproductive rights—are pressing in familiar and unfamiliar ways. Collectives and individuals are practicing sovereignty beyond state formations—in gardens, on floating cities, in activist solidarities—even while confronting the consequences of pollution that seeps into bodies and foods. The Kaplan Humanities Institute Sovereignties Dialogue will contend with these contradictions, the histories that re-emerge in the present, and the forms of belonging forged against, within, and beyond the state.

Bodies  •  States and Non-States  •  Nations  •  Biopolitics  •  Belonging  •  Entanglement  •  Erasure  •  Disenchantment   •  Data  •  Lands  •  Libraries  •  Citizens  •  Propaganda  •  Censorship  •  Food  •  Repatriation

Please join us for this year-long conversation!

The goal of the Dialogue is to build a multi-layered conversation showcasing ways that different humanities- and art-related approaches shape the debate around a timely subject. We seek to support scholars, public intellectuals, artists, and activists from a variety of disciplines, geographic areas of focus, and historical periods. The Sovereignties Dialogue will include:

Partnership Opportunities

Event co-sponsorship funds

Kaplan will offer 6-8 event co-sponsorships for distinguished scholars and artists. For co-sponsorship consideration, please visit the Sovereignties Co-Sponsorship page for instructions on submitting your proposal.

Kaplan will accept co-sponsorship proposals through Friday, September 22, 2023.

Related curriculum

Are you teaching a course related to the Sovereignties theme in 2023-2024? Kaplan will promote it in connection with the Dialogue series. Please send the course title and quarter it will be offered to Jill Mannor:

Course enhancement grants

Enrich the content of your Sovereignties-related course with funds to cover performances, field trips, or guest lecturer honoraria (within university guidelines). Full details on the request form here (please download this form to your desktop to fill out).

Submit your completed form to Jill Mannor:
Kaplan will award course enhancement grant requests on a rolling basis throughout the academic year.