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2023-2024 Kaplan Fellows Announced!

April 21, 2023

Congratulations to the new cohort of Faculty Fellows for 2023-2024! Juried by humanities faculty from outside Northwestern, this competitive residency enables Northwestern faculty to pursue independent projects of significance to the humanities while immersed in an interdisciplinary community of scholars.

These nine faculty are joined by our Library Fellow and Library Affiliate for next year. The Library Fellowship offers a half-time release from regular work in order to pursue an independent research project, and the Library Affiliate serves as Library liaison and ambassador for Northwestern's humanities community.

To read descriptions of each Fellow's research project, please visit the 2023-2024 Fellows page.

The Faculty Fellows, Library Fellow, and Library Affiliate for 2023-2024 are:

barnes-corey-168x210.jpgCorey L. Barnes
(Assistant Professor, Philosophy)
Project: Race’s Shadowy Subjects: Conceptions of Race in Early Black Political Thought



carlstone-jamie-168x210.jpgLibrary Affiliate 2023-2024
Jamie Carlstone
(Authority Metadata Librarian, Northwestern University Libraries)



carruthers-bruce-168x210.jpgBruce G. Carruthers
(John D. MacArthur Professor, Sociology)
Project: Bringing the Future into the Present: How to Act in the Long Term



hyska-megan-168x210.jpgMegan Hyska
(Assistant Professor, Philosophy)
Project: Machines in the Agora: Artificial Intelligence and Political Communication



ingram-brannon-168x210.jpgBrannon D. Ingram
(Associate Professor, Religious Studies)
Project: Debating 'Religion' in Muslim South Asia: On the Colonial Pathways of a Modern Category



jacoby-sarah-168x210.jpgSarah Jacoby
(Associate Professor, Religious Studies; Charles Deering McCormick Professor of Teaching Excellence)
Project: The Autobiography of Sera Khandro


nadiminti-kalyan-168x210.jpgKalyan Nadiminti
(Assistant Professor, English)
Project: Unendurable Freedom: US Empire, 9/11, and the Fate of the Postcolonial



padmanabhan-lakshmi-168x210.jpgLakshmi Padmanabhan
(Assistant Professor, Radio/TV/Film; Affiliate Faculty: Documentary Media, Performance Studies, & Asian Languages and Cultures)
Project: Untimely Images


quisumbing-king-katrina-168x210.jpgkatrina quisumbing king
(Assistant Professor, Sociology)
Project: Fit to Rule: The Rise of U.S. Empire and the Racial Management of Filipinos, 1898-1946



spigner-nicole-168x210.jpgNicole A. Spigner
(Assistant Professor, Black Studies and English)
Project: Niobe Redux: Black New Women, Literature, & Transformation



young-jen-23-24-168x210.jpgLibrary Fellow 2023-2024
Jen Young
(Metadata Coordinator, Repository and Digital Curation, Northwestern University Libraries)

Project: The Other Side of the Picture: John Evans, Edward S. Curtis, and The North American Indian